Is Pity for Gollum Misplaced?

The beginning of The Return of the King is my least favorite part. It’s a little gross and I don’t particularly like watching Smeagol kill his friend. The thought crossed my mind though, why would the Ring have such an immediate and drastic impact on Gollum? The answer is probably rather simple and obvious, but I […]

Life with Books: Quarter One Check-In

There have been some pretty exciting things happening in the few months and I wanted to take a moment to share them with you. It’s been busy here with me but I’ve been wanting to check in on the blog. I’ve been in a huge Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter kick lately, so […]

The Courage of a Hobbit

It’s March 25th. What better way to celebrate Tolkien Reading Day (which also happens to be the anniversary of Sauron’s defeat) than by talking about Middle Earth and its populace? Or, more specifically, what better day than to talk about Frodo? (I’ll also be listening to a bit of The Children of Hurin – narrated by […]

Chasm of Posts: Tolkien & Tips

It’s time for the sometimes-weekly weekly recap. It’s been a long time and this recap includes more than a week’s worth of info but that just means you have a variety of stuff to pick from, right? This Week’s Book In the Chasm It’s the time of year when we look back and see all […]

The Effects of Rivendell

In the past seven days, we’ve talked about The Old Forest & Tom Bombadil and The Fellowship of the Ring Twitter Chat. This week my thoughts lay with Rivendell and its true effects on Frodo. While staying there, Tolkien states that Frodo was basically rejuvenated and filled with peace and hope (those aren’t the exact adjectives […]

The Old Forest & Tom Bombadil

All right, just to recap the last seven days, we talked about hobbits and gossip and I put up this month’s official reading schedule. First of all, I have a confession. Even years after my first read through, I still didn’t enjoy the four hobbits’ excursion into the Old Forest and their time spent there with […]