The Lord of the Rings: A Story of Sacrifice & Bravery

I am a person who acknowledges that there is great evil in this world. I am a person who realizes that terrible things happen, terrible people exist, and it’s frightening sometimes. I acknowledge that there are terrible tragedies and accidents, and that people make horrific mistakes and decisions. I understand that all. But I am […]

The Courage of a Hobbit

It’s March 25th. What better way to celebrate Tolkien Reading Day (which also happens to be the anniversary of Sauron’s defeat) than by talking about Middle Earth and its populace? Or, more specifically, what better day than to talk about Frodo? (I’ll also be listening to a bit of The Children of Hurin – narrated by […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on Friendship

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week I’m picking books about friendship, good or bad. The entire Harry, Hermione, and Ron relationship for this entire series is fantastic. They have their ups and downs but they always stay true to each other. Besides how many friends find out the […]

Lord of the Rings Read-Along January Overview

It’s the last day of January and tomorrow we start The Two Towers. In case you’ve missed anything, I’ve linked to it all below. Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Read-Along How to Read Tolkien – Advice from Me and Pages Unbound On Hobbits and Gossip Activity – Who are You in Middle Earth? […]

Review: The Fellowship of the Ring | Nazguls had Me Up at Night

Review: The Fellowship of the Ring | Nazguls had Me Up at Night

The Fellowship of the Ring is a wonderful beginning to an epically-crafted world. This was my second time reading the novel and I enjoyed it even more. Tolkien’s writing is, as always, elegant. The characters were all diverse and Middle Earth is beautiful. Mr. Tolkien’s world-building is astounding. I appreciated hobbit society this time around. There were so […]

The Effects of Rivendell

In the past seven days, we’ve talked about The Old Forest & Tom Bombadil and The Fellowship of the Ring Twitter Chat. This week my thoughts lay with Rivendell and its true effects on Frodo. While staying there, Tolkien states that Frodo was basically rejuvenated and filled with peace and hope (those aren’t the exact adjectives […]

Lord of the Rings Twitter Chat

If you’ve seen this months read-along schedule then already know that we have a twitter chat scheduled on the last Friday of the month, January 31st. Pages Unbound and I were trying to up the time but we wanted to know how many of our readers use twitter. So…. how many of those participating in […]

On Hobbits and Gossip

Hello everyone! It’s time for the second discussion we have this month for our Lord of the Rings Read-Along. Last week, Pages Unbound and I gave you some advice for your journey into Tolkien’s world. But today I present to you my thoughts on hobbits, gossip, and perhaps a little bit more. If you’re just joining us […]

January TBR

All right, I’m getting ambitious this month with my to-read pile and I’ve really been wanting to share it with you guys. So here I go. Non-ARCs Unhinged by A.G. Howard Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi Incarnate by Jodi Meadows The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien (I’ve started but have to […]