Books of My Childhood, Books of My Life

A million. books get published in a year and there are TOO MANY for us to consume. Oh, but try we do. Before I started blogging, I read some amazing books. Books that are amazing and that I love to this day. Reviewing them would be ideal but I can’t review every book I’ve ever […]

The Cookie Book Tag | BUT WHY IS THERE NO CAKE

Who doesn’t love sweets? I mean, seriously. They are DELICIOUS. I love them. Cupcakes got me through finals senior year of high school. (Thanks, Mom!) Anyhow, I don’t usually participate in book tags and no one has actually tagged me in this… But who cares? Alas, this book tag does not include cake. Maybe I […]


The long awaited month has arrived! Some of my most anticipated 2019 books come out in April! By the time this post goes live, they’ll all be out to be honest. I hope you’re as excited about all of these books as I am. If you haven’t purchased any of these, you still can! The […]

6 Books On My Hold List

I have a lot of books on hold that I’m planning on listening to in the next few weeks. Or whenever they become available… I absolutely LOVE borrowing audiobooks from the library. They are awesome ways for me to fit reading into my busy schedule. So I thought I would share all of the books […]

Book Award Nominees | Bram Stoker Award Nominees

We are entirely too quiet about bookish awards, so you know what? I’m going to start sharing them. Today, I will be spreading the word about the Bram Stoker Award nominees! Also, by virtue on the name alone I am very excited to talk about these books! You can see my post about the Edgar […]

Beyond Fiction | A Challenge to Read Nonfiction

Due to a recent discussion with my older brother, I have newly motivated to read more nonfiction. I’ve made an effort to do this before but I feel reinvigorated and I think that sometimes we forget to expand our pleasure reading beyond fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I think fiction can be a powerful force […]

Book Award Nominees | The Edgar Awards 2018

You know, I feel like book awards pass very quietly by in the book world. If any author I don’t know is nominated then I don’t hear about them at all. Personally, I think this should change. So today I’ve decided to share some of the nominees for the Edgar Award. Of course, the full […]

The Chasm’s 6th Book Blogging Anniversary

6 years ago today, I started this little blog and look how far its come! I’ve gone through 5 blog designs during that time and I like to think they’ve all gotten progressively better. I can’t find a screen shot of the original design I had so here are the past three designs. For some […]