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I haven’t really made a lot of reading plans during 2020, but I am definitely back into the swing of things with my reading! I finished reading 3 books during the first full week of May and it feels amazing. Since then I’ve decided that I want to try and read 3 books a week. At least until baby comes, then who knows what will happen? But if I read 3 books a week until then, I can get about 30 more books read for the year. I’ve also instituted a rule for myself that for each new book I buy I have to read 3 books I already have here at home or on my TBR list.

During the first week of May, I finished reading Ruthless GodsBlood Countess, and The Guinevere Deception. Now, instead of doing a monthly TBR, I’m making flexible weekly TBRs since my thing this year is to just enjoy reading, which means I need to give myself room for my mood reading.

For the second full week of May…

I’m listening to the audiobook for Bent Heavens and… lets just say it has gone places that I’m finding really weird. Once I finish that, I’ll be moving on to The Last Witness, which is a YA thriller. I’ve been wanting to get into the thriller genre, I’m just having a hard time finding a good place to start in the genre. I’m very excited about The Last Witness though. It’s only 268 pages so it shouldn’t take very long to read at all. As for Three Dark Crowns, I’ve already started reading this and I’m definitely intrigued. I’m only about 15 pages into the book but I’m looking forward to it and hoping that I’ll love it. Everything I’ve heard about it so far has been great.

Now, if that all goes well, I would really like to finish the audiobook for Be Not Far From Me. It’s super short and I only have 4 hours left of it. I typically enjoy Mindy McGinnis’s books so I’m hoping that I’ll end up loving this one as well. We shall see.

I’m really excited about this new goal because I feel like it’s manageable for the most part and if I don’t get through 3 books in a week, it’s not a big deal. I’m hoping to complete at least 2 book, but now that I’m watching far less TV and I’m feeling better physically and mentally, I’ve been just LOVING reading again. I’ve also been watching a lot of booktube lately, mainly BooksandLala’s channel and I just love her reading vlog’s. I’m been getting the itch to film my own reading vlogs so hopefully I’ll have one going up soon on my channel.

I’ll check back in with you guys next week and let you know how this week turned out!

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