NaNoWriMo + Update #3: Traitors & Tyrants Draft 5 Revisions

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It has been a couple weeks since my last writing update but it’s for a very good reason! I am furiously revising Traitors & Tyrants for NaNoWriMo. I didn’t revise anything after October 25th until November 1st. I let myself take it easy the last few days of October and read some books instead to charge up and also enjoy Halloween!

Let’s just go over some stats

I haven’t been keeping track of them the way I was before NaNoWriMo so these will be a bit different.

Approximate Words Revised/Written: 36,560

Draft Total: 70,515 words

Chapters Left of Pt 1: 5

Chapters Left (Total): 16

So how have things been?

It has been a wonderful struggle so far this month. I’ve hit midpoint in the novel which is prime quitting time in nearly every book I’ve ever written. 20K-40K seems to be the danger zone. Despite how much I’ve struggled though, I’ve had a lot of great moments and most of my struggles are just sitting myself down to write.

Showing up to your book everyday is hard. But it’s important.

When I think back on all of the material I have added to this book and the changes I have made to it, I find myself very excited to go back and reread the book and see it all put together on the page. Being so close to completing part 1 is invigorating in its own way and I’m so excited to keep going even with all of the struggles ahead of me.

I have so much hope for this novel and I can honestly say that it is coming together and becoming the story I have always hoped it to be. Since these revisions are so large, I’m definitely going to need to go through the entire thing again and shape it up some more, but these will be the last major revisions for it.

*If you’re writing for NaNoWriMo, how is the month going for you so far?

*What kind of book are you currently writing?

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