Update #2: Traitors & Tyrants Draft 5 Revisions

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All right, here we are week since my last writing update on the blog. Right now I’m waiting for my writing vlog videos to do the thing so I figured I’d write a blog post so I can also listen to an audiobook. 😂

I didn’t do a great job tracking my daily progress so here we go…

*A note about these numbers. Because I proof chapters at least one day after they’re revised, sometimes their word counts will go up or down so you won’t be able to check this math since I’m not including any words I add or remove during the proofing part of the process. Words are also sometimes removed during revisions as well and I don’t keep track of how many that is.

October 21st – Day 5

Chapters created: 1

Words Revised: 3,667

Draft Total: 60,398 words

October 22-24 – Days 6-8

Chapters Revised: 1.5

Words Revised/Written: 2,643

Draft Total: 62,265 words

Total Revised (for the draft so far): 17,673

October 25th – Day 9

Words Revised: 1,618

Words Proofed: 3,799

Chapters Proofed: 2

Chapters Revised: 1/2

Total Revised (for the draft so far): 19,426

Draft total: 63,028

Traitors & Tyrants is 30% completed

How am I feeling about things so far?

It has been a hard week for revisions. On the 22nd I had to write by hand (which is something I do when I get stuck or am just having a hard time), and on the 23rd I only wrote 30 words. I had to write an entire chapter that didn’t previously exist, which I think has helped with pacing and also flushing out the story more. On the 24th, I had to actually sit down and do some plot/word building to flesh out another part of the story more. Once I did that though, things started coming together!

Today (the 25th), I started writing at 10:20 AM and by 12:50 I had finally completed the second female POV chapter for the week. Because I keep splitting chapters, I’ve had to work on two male POV chapters this week and then two female POVs. Hopefully, now I can just alternate one chapter each back and forth. It all really depends on how much material needs to be added or any pacing issues I encounter though.

I am contemplating getting rid of a character in this book but it really just depends on how the rest of the revisions go. If I don’t use the character for the rest of the book then I’m going to be deleting him. Right now, I have 9 chapters left until part 1 is completed.

As difficult as this week has been, I’m really glad that I kept going even I that meant I sat in my office chair for 5 hours for half the week before I started writing.

So what about NaNoWriMo?

Um, this book isn’t going to be done before November. But that’s okay. I am hoping that I will be able to get through part 1 before November, but if I don’t that’s okay. I’ve accepted that. I just want it to be done. That’s the important thing. I may not be able to draft in brand new novel in November, but I can at least start it and hopefully get half way through it. That’s my hope at least. Either way, I will get my 50K for NaNoWriMo this year though.

I am determined.

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