October Plans

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Happy October! It’s one of my favorite months of the year! I love autumn and watching Halloween movies (nothing too crazy though). Lately I’ve been watching some crime documentaries. I just finished watching The Innocent Man and it was crazy and super interesting.

As far as reading goes, I’ve been in a weird funk for the last month. I need to get back into reading though. I have an ARC I need to read before the month is over since the book is coming out next month, and I have two other ARCs that I need to finish ASAP because they’re over due. Ooops. I had finally just got my Netgalley feedback ratio up to 80%. 😂 That’s okay though. I’m only at 76% and it’ll be right back up once I finish these books.

I also have a review book coming to me in the mail that I need to read ASAP when it finally arrives.

*Edit: It has arrived!

So yeah… I don’t know how many Halloween books I’ll be reading this month.

I was originally planning on reading some spooky books but with the review copies I need to read, I probably will only get to read a couple. One of the review copies is about witches though, so I think it’ll be kind of Halloween-ish.

So here’s my tentative list of books to read this month:

  • The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith (finished copy from publisher)
  • Sisters of Shadow and Light by Sarah B. Larson (eARC)
  • The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White
  • Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

If I have the time, I also would like to get caught up on some books I’ve received from HarperCollins in the mail (there were unsolicited) and also the other two eARCs I’m behind on from Netgalley.

All in all, I’m just going for a chill reading month. Nothing too crazy. I’ll be giving y’all a writing update soon!

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