6 Novel Ideas I Want to Write

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Okay, I don’t usually do this type of thing, but why the heck not? I have LOADS of novels I want to write. Ideas that have been stewing in my brain  for a long time but I haven’t actually sat and wrote… There are some that I have outlined or brainstormed for, and even one that I started writing.

But just like I have a bad habit of setting a book down when I’m 40% into reading it… if you don’t believe me, look at my Goodreads currently reading shelf. Although, I have been working on finishing a lot of the books there so you might actually be able to see it by the time this post goes live…

Well, at one point I had like 5 books I was about 40% of the way into.

Anyhow, I kind of have a similar problem when I write books. I get about 40% done with the plotting for it and then the rest of the work, you know that actual writing part… doesn’t always happen before I move on to a different project.

So here we go… (obviously these are all working titles)


I’m actually currently working on the first draft for this book. I honestly think of it as Shaun of the Dead meets Friends to be honest. Kevin, a vampire, just wants to find love, but he lives with Carl and Carl makes this task very difficult.

This is going to be kind of an upper YA as far as character’s ages go but I want it to be fun and silly enough that younger YA readers can also enjoy it.

Dracula’s Castle

What would happen if you make a deal with Dracula that wasn’t about you becoming a vampire? It’s about a girl whose sister is kidnapped and she makes a deal with Dracula to take revenge on her sister’s kidnappers.

This would be YA for sure.


4 POVs. 3 Clans. One speaks to the dragons. One filled with assassins. The third dabbles in magic. Everyone else struggles to survive.

This is the book I actually wrote about 10K for in a weekend…. it was magical. It’s also all currently on my surface pro. So hopefully I can recover it because I LOVED WHAT I WROTE FOR IT AND I WANT TO WRITE IT ALL.

Um, this would be YA.

A Book Inspired by Where the Wild Things Are

I absolutely LOVED this picture book as a kid and it gives me IDEAS. This would be a middle grade novel. I currently have no idea what exactly it would look like but I know I want to write it!

The Jungle

Two teams of researchers have gone missing and it’s Michelle Perkins’ job to find them. After years of studying big cats, she is sent into the jungle where the head researcher Dr. Spate is convinced something sinister has taken his teams.

Not gonna lie… this book is directly inspired by the fact that I found out chimpanzees hunt and eat monkeys, and occasionally inflict very vicious wounds on humans. I once came across a 911 recording on youtube of this lady whose chimp attacked her friend. So yeah…


I actually have about half of a first draft written for this book.

This would be an adult novel.

Man-Eat Hyenas

Look, when I was really young I saw the movie The Ghost and the Darkness, which is based on the man-eating lions of Tsavo. Ever since then (so basically my whole life), I’ve have a weird fascination with man-eating animals.

I think it would be cool to write a novel with man-eating hyenas, because hyenas are freaking terrifying. I have no idea what this book really looks like. I mean, I have thoughts but that’s about it. I’ve written a few passages for it but haven’t done any serious work on it.

Don’t ask me what age group this would be for because I have no idea. Might be adult or might be YA. I haven’t a clue.


That’s my list of novel ideas. I have others that I want to write as well, but I’ll save those for a different time.

*What book ideas do you have that you are dying to write? Do you like to write? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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