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Yes, I know I already did a 2019 goals blog post. Shhhhh. This one is different though. In order to achieve those big writing goals I put on it, I need to have smaller ones. You can’t write a book in a day. Okay, maybe YOU can, but I can’t. So I like to break big goals into smaller increments to help make them more attainable.

I’ve already started working on these (obviously) and have had great success with them so far. (At least, I really hope so because I’m writing this in the beginning of January with the expectation that I will continue to be a very good girl and keep doing the things.)

Seriously though, in the last few months, I’ve thought a lot about where I want to be. What I’ve been doing the past few years isn’t going to get me there. That’s reality. So I’m keeping Leigh Bardugo’s Begin As You Mean To Go On in mind as I think about slacking off every day. I’ve found it very helpful and I hope you will too.

This year I am determined to make writing a priority again. I have already started doing this by:

  • Limiting myself to watching either 1 movie or 2 episodes of TV a day. It does not matter how long those TV episodes are. It is amazing how much less TV I watch and I get so much more writing, blogging, and reading done now.
  • Putting writing on my schedule. I like checking it off on the list, okay? Shush.

So this year…

I’m going to finish revisions for Traitors & Tyrants and query it

I’ve scheduled myself to finish revisions at the end of February if not sooner. After that is done, I will set off on writing and perfecting the all-important query letter. I’ve been putting this off for years. It’s time to JUST DO IT.

Draft & Revise Kevin

If you’re wondering what Kevin is, I first mentioned it in my January writing update. I’m not saying much about it for now but at the moment I’m referring to it was Shaun of the Dead meets Friends. I am super excited about writing this book. It’ll be a standalone and just plain fun. Not gonna lie, I’m also excited at the prospect of revising a novel that isn’t Traitors & Tyrants.

Write 10,000 words in a day

So I’m kind of jealous of people who can write novels in a matter of days. Like, I want to be able to draft that fast. That sounds amazing. So I want to work up to sprinting to the point where I can write 10K in a single day. I am an impatient pumpkin and I want ALL THE WORDS on the paper/screen.

Outline another book and draft it

That’s right, I’m going for writing two books this year. Is this realistic for me? I’ve honestly never tried it so I don’t know. But I would really like to try. I’m not really sure which book I would want to tackle next after Kevin so I’m going to leave this one opened ended.

Do something writing-related every day

This is part of the whole, making writing a priority thing. I’ve permanently put this on the daily to-do list for the foreseeable future and its been going well. But there is one important details: BLOGGING DOES NOT COUNT. When I talk about making writing a priority, I’m talking about novel writing. Blogging has its own separate category, because I love it so. However, it doesn’t count when it comes to this particular goal.

Talk about writing more on the blog

I really like seeing other bloggers document their writing progress and a lot of the bloggers I follow who do that well… they don’t anymore. They don’t blog. So I must fill my own need and talk about my writing here with y’all, so if there is anything you want to know about my process or whatever, let me know!

Do you have and writing goals? If so, what are they? What kinds of things do you like to write? Do you like writing progress updates?

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