Solo: A Fun and Thrilling Addition to the Saga

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I wasn’t excited for a Han Solo movie. I wasn’t originally planning on going to the theater to see Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I’m glad I did. I’m really glad actually. I have to say, Solo is probably the funnest Star Wars movie that has been made so far and is definitely one of my favorites.

After hearing very conflicting things about it, I was very hesitant about Solo and a bit scared to be honest. One very pleasant surprise was Alden Ehrenreich’s performance itself. I have to say, if Harrison Ford can’t play Han Solo, then I want Ehrenreich. He did such a fantastic job capturing a younger, cockier, and less experienced Han Solo. There were definitely some moments that reminded me of particular scenes from the earlier movies with the character in the best way. It was thrilling to see a much less experienced Han find his footing and doing incredibly crazy things.

Han is known for his crazy ideas, but younger Han is a much more intense experience when it comes to that. At some points, my entire body was tense watching him pull off some of his plans.

I’ll just say this: Ehrenreich is to Harrison Ford’s Han Solo what Ewan McGregor is to Alec Guinness’s Obi-Wan.

I would say the assessment that the movie hits the expected highlights for Han’s story is correct, but when I hear people say that they sound very bored. The movie hit these highlights in the best way possible though. From the Kessel run, to Chewbacca, to the Millennium Falcon – every milestone was exciting and connected.

A very interesting and unique thing about Han Solo as character is that he is dynamic enough that he holds his place in a story while still allowing other characters room to breathe as well. The nature of his character allowed for an equally dynamic cast of characters to accompany us during this film.

Disclaimer: I dislike Lando as a character. He really gets on my nerves and rubs me the wrong way. The films have always portrayed him as charming but I honestly find him anything but. However, Donald Glover nailed the character. He was flashy and had a very big personality that was much less restrained than what we saw in the original trilogy, which I feel is appropriate as a younger Lando. All in all, I feel that Lando fans will be pleased.

Now, I will say I was less than impressed with L3 (aka the droid for this film). There just wasn’t enough time and build up for me to really connect with her character. I feel like she was set up in a good spot to become a very enjoyable droid to have around, but I wouldn’t have made the same ultimate artistic decision that the filmmakers made for her. She was very spunky and I did think the construction for her as well as how they had her move was pretty awesome, especially since this is the first obviously female droid we’ve really seen. View Spoiler »

By far, my favorite part of this film was Han and Chewbacca’s meeting and relationship. It was intense but also a lot of fun at the same time. Every scene with them interacting had me smiling from the first one they had together to the very last.

Other than L3, I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought in some interesting new characters all while doing justice to existing characters. If you’re looking for an exciting movie, this is it.

If I had to give you a rating for  Solo: A Star Wars Story, right now…? I’d probably give you a 9 out of 10. In full disclosure though, rating is not final until I see it again.

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