Mercy – Netflix Orginal: What the Crap Did I Just Watch?

Posted June 27, 2017 by Stephanie B in TV/Movies / 4 Comments

In the past six months I have been really into scary movies. I’ve always enjoyed a good creepy movie but I was kind of afraid to really watch a lot of them. Disclaimer: I don’t do rated R movies or demon possession movies. That’s not for me. They make me feel icky.

Putting my fear aside though, I decided to give Netflix’s original movie, Mercy, a try Memorial Day weekend and I feel like I need to rewatch it so I can really take the story all in.

I thought I knew what was going on until the movie was almost over and I learned that everything I thought I knew was a lie. This is definitely a movie you need to sit and pay attention to. After a little more than half of the movie is over, you get to see a good portion of it played again but this time through the attackers’ point of view. You learn so many new things and this is when the story really starts to come together and make sense.

When the movie first starts, you’re thrown into this mess of family politics. There are four brothers, but two of them are from a different father than the one you see; and everyone is indirectly arguing about what to do with their dying mother. People disappear and you’re guessing at who the attackers are and why they’re attacking. Even though you understand what’s going on, the motive behind it all is unknown. I was trying to make sense of the motive for most of the movie.

Was this the scariest movie I’ve ever watched? No. Was it good? You know, it wasn’t bad. There were some moments that definitely freaked me out. Like when this attacker peers under a door. What the freak!? That’s the creepiest, freakiest things ever! I was actually kind of scared to even watch this movie so I watched it in the full light of day. I probably would have been more frightened if I’d watched it in the evening.

One thing that was pretty awesome (and freaky) about this movie was how it was shot in such a way that sometimes you thought there was only one person in a shot when really there were more. Either I have bad eyes, haven’t seen enough movies, or Mercy really excelled in this department. You never really saw the extra people in a shot until the characters themselves realized they weren’t alone, then it became apparent and obvious and freaking terrifying.

Lets not forget this shot here. Stuck in a bedroom on the second floor, it’s really only a matter of time before the attackers get in. And then you see this out the window. This scene provided some relief since for the time being, the attackers were no longer in the house, but it also presents the characters’ predicament really well.

They’re in the middle of nowhere. They’ve all lost their phones in the fray (which was actually convincingly done). The attackers are prepared and ready for them and no matter what they do, they can’t seem to get the upper hand on the intruders. Everything is set up for our main characters to do something necessary but stupid. Stupid because you know it’s not going to work. Necessary because you know it’s their only chance at surviving.

Of course, that pretty much sums up the movie. Even at the end the characters’ do stupid things but you can’t be that frustrated with them because they are truly in an impossible situation.

The fear and impossibility behind everything is incredibly convincing. The actors do a great job showing how chaotic the situation is and how much they’re trying not to panic. They don’t know what to do, but they’re trying to figure it out. The entire movie takes place in one evening with characters you’ve just met, so you have no clue who you can trust or the type of people who are already involved with the story. With the except of maybe three characters, everyone seems a bit shady.

Over all, I enjoyed Mercy but it’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for something new to watch though, definitely give it a shot (no pun intended). It actually has a pretty good story if you ask me and the story’s presentation is different from anything I’m used to. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending, but I will say that the ending at least makes sense and fits with the rest of the movie.

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4 responses to “Mercy – Netflix Orginal: What the Crap Did I Just Watch?

  1. Dennie Garwitz

    I watched this movie last night. I’m still trying to figure it out. Were two of the brothers trying to save their mother, and two trying to kill her? Was her husband wanting her to die so he could get all of her money? Or, was her church trying to get her money? Honestly I didn’t understand it at all

    • From what I understood, the church was trying to save her. I don’t know if all of the sons were really decided on the matter. But, yeah, I think the husband must have wanted her money. I do want to watch this movie again though. There was a lot going on.

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