Review: Red Harvest | Star Wars but Zombified

Review: Red Harvest | Star Wars but ZombifiedRed Harvest by Joe Schreiber
Narrator: John Glover
Published by Random House on December 28th, 2010
Genres: Science Fiction, Horror
Format: Audiobook
Length: 7 hrs, 56 min

The era of the Old Republic is a dark and dangerous time, as Jedi Knights valiantly battle the Sith Lords and their ruthless armies. But the Sith have disturbing plans—and none more so than the fulfillment of Darth Scabrous’s fanatical dream, which is about to become nightmarish reality.

Unlike those other Jedi sidelined to the Agricultural Corps—young Jedi whose abilities have not proved up to snuff—Hestizo Trace possesses one extraordinary Force talent: a gift with plants. Suddenly her quiet existence among greenhouse and garden specimens is violently destroyed by the arrival of an emissary from Darth Scabrous. For the rare black orchid that she has nurtured and bonded with is the final ingredient in an ancient Sith formula that promises to grant Darth Scabrous his greatest desire.

But at the heart of the formula is a never-before-seen virus that’s worse than fatal—it doesn’t just kill, it transforms. Now the rotting, ravenous dead are rising, driven by a bloodthirsty hunger for all things living—and commanded by a Sith Master with an insatiable lust for power and the ultimate prize: immortality . . . no matter the cost.

Star Wars meets zombies. Honestly, you could take the Star Wars out of this book and it’d work just fine, which really isn’t a good sign.

I think Red Harvest was supposed to be scary… maybe? Honestly, this paints a totally different picture from everything I’ve ever seen from the Old Republic era. Where as the Sith we’re more familiar with tend to have their violence tempered by their calculating natures, everyone in Red Harvest had no such quality to hold back their violent tendencies. Never become a Sith acolyte. I’d take Darth Plagueis as my master over learning in a Sith Academy any day. Even the Jedi seemed more prone to give into their anger.

The constant carnage made me physically sick sometimes and was only amplified by the narrator and those disgusting sound effects. If you ask me what I remember from this book, my first answer is the gore. How many ways can you describe a zombie eating a human being? Let me count the ways. The never-ending gore took away from the plot; in fact, the story seemed to get lost in it. Red Harvest was disgusting and I probably wouldn’t have finished it if it hadn’t been an audiobook.

This book is just one giant meh for me. If you want to see zombies in the Star Wars universe, go ahead and give it a try. The narration wasn’t my favorite but John Grover’s narration, combined with the subject matter, literally made my stomach churn. However, if you’re looking for something that actually adds substance to the Star Wars expanded universe, I’d skip this one. Red Harvest lacks the distinctive Star Wars aurora that makes the universe so special.


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  1. Sooo…I know exactly NOTHING about Star Wars. XD I mean, I know a few things because it’s all everyone talks about, but hehe, this book is probably definitely not for me then. Sadness that it was a waste of time for you though. I do kind of like zombies? But I’ve never actually been terrified by a zombie book yet. XD

    1. I really wanted to like this one but it was just too gross for it’s own good. There are other novels I’ve been interested in but I saw that they were by the same author so yeah… no. Not for me. I have yet to read a good zombie book.