How I Unlocked My Creative Passion

Posted December 30, 2014 by Stephanie in General / 3 Comments

It’s probably pretty safe to assume that we’ve all dreamed of our someday-career; our dream job. I know I still do, especially with my current job. We’ve also probably all read at least one article that is somehow related to “hitting it big” or “the secret to reaching your life goals.” Luckily, those articles all have better titles than that, but the point is, we all want to know if we can skip the steps between the beginning and success.

However, anything worth having is worth working for, otherwise you wouldn’t want it.

I work in an office. My job requires zero creativity. I’m grateful for my job, but I don’t want to do it for the rest of my life. If there is anything my current and former jobs have taught me, it’s that I don’t want to be stuck with a job that doesn’t test and push my creative abilities. This, in turn, motivates me to work harder in my personal creative pursuits.

Upon reflection, I realize that these awful entry level, low-income jobs aren’t just stops along the way. The have done more for my creative pursuits than almost anything or anyone else, except NaNoWriMo and my critique partner.


So what am I trying to say? These jobs we all complain about, I’m grateful for them, because I wouldn’t dream so big if they didn’t exist. Oddly enough, they have made me love the creative writing process more so than any book or author. When I’m stuck in a chair for eight and half hours, five days a week without anything creative to touch or work on, I appreciate those moments of creativity so much more than I ordinarily would.

Somehow, along the way, my lack of time has unlocked chains that I’d placed on my creative process. Instead of focusing on the end point of a project, I’m focusing more on the creation phase. I used to hate and dread editing and revisions but now I can’t be more excited by the prospect. I love to create and improve and my former and current jobs are partly to blame, because they have made me realize how much I love to write and create.

What has helped your creative process and what has made you enjoy it more?

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3 responses to “How I Unlocked My Creative Passion

  1. I totally hear you. For a long time, I worked in ad writing and management and had a terribly hard time writing – the job required JUST enough creativity to make me feel empty when I turned to my own writing. It's kind of odd how I need a non-creative "day job" to have enough inspiration for my "real job.: 😉

  2. I think it is really cool that you find your current and former jobs to be pushes towards doing what you want. I have read another article about turning negativity, the position you're stuck in or the people who say you won't make it into the reason you should keep going. It looks like you've already done that. And I hope that in the end, you will get there.

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  3. If I'd written a post on this same topic, I don't think I could have worded it any differently than you did here. I'm working on a novel and contributing articles to other blogs (on top of doing stuff for my own site), but I can't do any of that full-time because of my day job – a job I can't see myself doing for the rest of my life because I don't have the passion for it. But like you said, the time away from creative writing has taught me to appreciate the time I do spend creating and imagining. It's not the balance I'd like to have in my life, but right now that's OK. It gives me something to work towards and dream of.

    Rituals have also helped me enjoy the creative process a little more. I always make a cup of tea and light a candle when I work on my book. Doing both sort of "ceremonializes" the act of starting a writing session. Plus, it's nice to have lovely fragrances to set the mood and a soothing drink to keep you hydrated. 😉

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