Do You Know Your 2014 Releases?

Melanie over @ YA Midnight Reads put together an awesome post in which readers get to guess which book the first sentences she chose came from. My original idea has morphed and now I want to see how well you know your 2014 releases. Comment at the bottom of the post with how many you got right! (High light after the hyphen to see what the answer is.)

1. “Captain,” she murmured.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
An eyebrow shot up. She counted six beats of his heart before, suddenly, he laughed.
“Don’t tell me it took you two whole days to realize that. I must be losing my touch.”-
2. She may not be mine, but I am still hers.- The Lovely and the Lost
3. “Truly,” she said, “I haven’t the faintest interest. You may tell your sad story to someone else.”

He flinched as if slapped. His voice came low: “You can make people feel so small.” – The Winner’s Curse

4. “I didn’t care how handsome he was or how he made my heart race, the next
time that he came to drag me out of my tent in the middle of the night, I
was rolling over and ignoring him.” – Defy
5. Decapitation is not a healthy lifestyle choice.- The Blood of Olympus

6. I see her slipping away, bit by bit, because you shove her down when she so desperately needs someone to help her back up.Heir of Fire

7. Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.- The One

8. He’s adorable when he’s showing off his wardrobe–like a puppy doing tricks.Unhinged

9. You don’t mention death when it’s hovering near someone you love. You don’t want to attract the reaper’s attention. – These Broken Stars

 10. Call it sentimentality. Call it curiosity. Just don’t call it madness. 
– Her Dark Curiosity

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  1. I've read only two of these books, and I still didn't recognize the quotes. Back to the bookshelf for me! I love all these quotes, though, especially the one from Cress 🙂