Hiatus Over! April Recap

Posted May 1, 2014 by Stephanie in General / 2 Comments

Wow. April was… not at all what I expected. Naturally, when I thought of it, I thought it’d be my most productive month so far…

Oops. Instead of writing, writing, writing, my mother got me hooked on a t.v. show and I watched like three seasons in two and a half weeks or so. I only wrote about 10K in my manuscript but I did other writing stuff too, like finish that essay I was avoiding and the book proposal for my writing class. Now I just have to wait three weeks to know what my instructor-editor thinks. In the mean time, I’m second guessing how everything in that story is going to work. Go me.
I did actually read four books. All right fine, I only had about 100 pages left in The Assassin’s Blade at that point but I finished it. That was hard. So naturally I had to go reread Throne of Glass. It’s hard to do much of anything when you have Sarah J. Maas’ novels stuck inside your head.
As you can see, not the most productive month but it did serve to recharge my batteries. Yes, I’m ready to get back to life as normal and have learned something very important. Giving myself way too much time is bad for my productivity. Who would have thought?
I’m so excited for May though. The One is coming out in FIVE days. I get to share three reviews of books I LOVED. I get to finally go shopping (my wardrobe is looking very sad and worn). And it’s almost summer!
My thanks to Eugenia for taking care of things here!

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