Friday Couple: Elise & Char

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Another Friday has come and with it I bring another Friday Couple. If you missed last week’s couple, then go ahead and read it here.
Elise has been bullied her whole life. She’s talented and knows it, but has suffered for her talents for many years. It isn’t until she stumbles upon a night club and meets the DJ there that things start to look up. Before long, she learns how to DJ and is given the opportunity to use her skills.
Char has been DJing for years and he’s more than willing to teach Elise how to DJ, as long as she doesn’t start overshadowing him. Because Char doesn’t share the limelight with anyone.
Why they didn’t work:
Elise has lived in the background all her life. All she wants is someone to recognize her as someone important to them. Char isn’t interested in that though. In fact, he could probably care less. He doesn’t want complicated and Elise is busy trying to dig herself out of a very complicated hole.
She needs someone who will care about her life. Someone who wants her to be successful, even if it means she becomes more successful than him. Char doesn’t want to do that though. He wants the spotlight. It doesn’t matter how much someone else may need or deserve it.
Char is selfish. Elise is kind and sweet. But most importantly, neither of them are looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend. Neither of them want one. And neither of them need one. Honestly, I think the biggest reason they didn’t work out is because neither of them were really looking for a steady relationship. Actually, neither of them were really looking for a relationship of any kind. And because they didn’t want a relationship, neither of them were willing or wanted to stick around long enough to work things out.
Honestly, I put their failed relationship mostly on Char’s selfish shoulders. Elise did try. But Char was so selfish that he would have her give up her spotlight – one she worked for, deserved, and needed – just to keep his ego intact. I’m glad they didn’t work out because Char wasn’t the answer to Elise’s problems. He was just a bump in the road.

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