Friday Couple: Joseph & Sonia

Some of you may have seen my tweets about Stoker’s Manuscript by Royce Prouty this past week. If you haven’t, well, I loved it. This is actually an adult novel, but I think it’s fit for older teens who are looking for the traditional vampires of our nightmares.

You can see who I was totally shipping last week, here.
Joseph was brought to America as a young boy and lived there as a citizen and orphan for many years. Now he’s running his own small business in which he collects, then sells, rare first edition novels. First of all, let me say, that as a book lover, I was instantly drawn to his profession. Joseph is a logical guy. He’s religious but he’s more the self-practice guy instead of going to church services. I would say that he’s pretty smart.
Raised by Catholic nuns, he didn’t exactly have a traditional childhood. The natural affection between a parent and their child wasn’t really there for him. He felt cared for but even as an adult, doing something as simple as hugging someone is slightly foreign and uncomfortable. He really doesn’t have any desire to get married and have a family, so when we first meet him, he’s presented as a bachelor who seems determined to remain a bachelor. With that said, he’s also pretty open-minded, which is important in Sonia’s world.
Sonia has had anything but a conventional life, which I won’t go into details about because that would include spoilers. But, Sonia lives in Romania, which also happens to be Joseph’s birthplace. Sonia also happens to live very close to Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle. She lives in a land of superstition, not all of which seems to be… untrue.
Sonia herself is kind, patient, understanding, and actually a very welcoming person. Emotionally, Joseph isn’t ready for a serious relationship with someone, and Sonia figures that out pretty quickly. She’s… perceptive to say the least. I think she’s drawn to him more than she actually lets on in the novel but her understanding of where Joseph is at, coupled with her patience, allows her to step back and just let him ease himself into it. He’s a smart guy and has a lot of things going on. He’s one of those people who has to figure things out for himself.
Considering everything that’s going on, I think every aspect of her personality really helped Joseph make it through mentally. He was surrounded by so many brutal events and… shall I say employers? that he needed those moments of open, but not overwhelming tenderness Sonia provided.
Honestly, I think they’re a good couple. Sonia wants and needs to be loved sincerely, despite her life circumstances. And even though Joseph wasn’t ready to openly say or even admit it to himself, he did.

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