Friday Couple: Camryn & Dagger

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I’m actually kind of excited to tell you why I think Camryn and Dagger (from Chameleon: The Awakening by Maggie Faire) work because I haven’t actually formulated why exactly I ship them except that I like Dagger better than Ohar. So you’ll have to bear with me.*

*Note: Although I read most of Chameleon, I didn’t finish it.

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All righty, so all her life Camryn has transformed into anyone that stepped into the room – I mean, she would look exactly like them, boy or girl it didn’t matter. Camryn has no idea what the real her looks like. After spending a year in an asylum, she finds out she is the one person who can save a world she didn’t even know existed.
Camryn doesn’t know everything but she isn’t the type of person to just blindly follow someone, and that’s good because Dagger isn’t exactly someone you blindly follow. Quite frankly, Dagger is crude and whether or not he can be trusted is definitely questionable. Thus, the fact that Camryn doesn’t let Dagger freely jerk her around, is imperative for them to work.
However, she’s reluctant to take on her role as “the chosen one,” if you will. Dagger is very direct and straight forward and won’t let her get away with just blowing it off, even though she’d like too. But, from what I saw, Dagger does have a heart and gives a crap about how she feels, unlike Ohar *cough.*
Dagger can get a little over the top, but I think Camryn’s stubbornness and unwillingness to actually admit her attraction to him, keeps his ego from getting any bigger. The best part is that I don’t think he knows how hard she’s falling for him. Honestly, when they finally kissed (sincerely), I was kind of excited.
I don’t know either character that well, but I think they both have some qualities that will benefit the other. Plus, I’d much rather see Camryn with Dagger than Ohar. But that’s a story for a different day….
So what do you think?

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