Friday Couple: Katniss & Gale

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All right, I’ve already looked at the winning side of this love triangle, so I thought it was time to take a look at why Katniss chose Peeta over Gale.

But first, if you missed last week’s Friday Couple from Throne of Glass, then you can read it here.

The short and easy answer would be that Katniss needed a Peeta and not a Gale. Okay, fine. But as far as qualities go, there’s a little more to it.

Gale and Katniss are extraordinarily alike. They are unforgiving, stubborn, and tough as nails. I mean, if Gale and Peeta were compared, you wouldn’t find two more different suitors. Allow me to compare them both to bread for a moment. Gale is like a old, stale loaf of bread that has seen better days, although, admittedly, is probably pretty easy on the eyes. Comparatively, Peeta is like unbaked bread dough, soft but also easy on the eyes.

After the Hunger Games, Katniss was so hardened that she needed someone who was still able to feel. In all reality, I think Peeta was brave enough to feel whereas Katniss tried to shut things away. Katniss needed someone willing to forgive her when she did or said something wrong or terrible. Add on top of all of that the fact that Gale has a tendency to seek revenge, and you’ve got a pretty terrible suitor for Katniss.

Let’s just think about that scene in Mockingjay for a moment. Remember when the chapter starts with Katniss and Gale kissing? Katniss isn’t really all that into it and when Gale pulls away he basically complains. What? Really, dude!? She just went into that Hunger Games ring twice, Peeta was tortured, and you have the audacity to complain about her not being into the kiss? *sigh*

Sometimes being alike can be a benefit to some couples, but in Katniss and Gale’s case, it was their undoing. Katniss had seen so much evil she needed someone who still believed there was good. To me, it seems like Gale was less inclined to look for the good and always had been.

So there you are, that’s why I think Gale lost Katniss. He didn’t have the qualities she needed after the Hunger Games. What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

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