Cover and Synopsis Reveal!!!

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I don’t usually put exclamation points in the title but I can’t help it this time. Some of you may remember my post about The Royal Ranger (the twelfth book in The Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan) when I learned about it. Well I was looking around last week and learned that there was not only a cover but also a description!

Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction, especially since I was knee deep in Week of Couples and couldn’t find a way to fit it in. None of my friends here have read The Ranger’s Apprentice books so I had to wait until my father got home from work to show him. And well…he just doesn’t understand my fangirling like you guys do. So, here’s the part where I share more of my fangirling with this AMAZING (yes that deserves caps lock) cover and synopsis!

*takes deep breath* This is the American cover.
Will Treaty has come a long way from the small boy with dreams of knighthood. Life had other plans for him, and as an apprentice Ranger under Halt, he grew into a legend—the finest Ranger the kingdom has ever known. Yet Will is facing a tragic battle that has left him grim and alone. To add to his problems, the time has come to take on an apprentice of his own, and it’s the last person he ever would have expected. Fighting his personal demons, Will has to win the trust and respect of his difficult new companion—a task that at times seems almost impossible.

John Flanagan returns for one final bow to the series that has conquered millions of readers worldwide with this pulse-pounding adventure that brings one era to a close, and ushers in the next . . .

Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like there might be a spin-off of the Ranger’s Apprentice series?

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6 responses to “Cover and Synopsis Reveal!!!

  1. Oh, cool! I'd better tell my friends as they will spaz out. I haven't read the series but it looks rather interesting.

    Thanks for sharing, love! <33

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