Friday Couple: Walt/Anubis & Sadie

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It’s a late Friday Couple, but it’s here nonetheless. If this is your first Friday with me, then allow me to explain. Friday Couple is a weekly feature here on
Chasm of Books in which I talk/write about a fictional couple.

Last week’s Friday Couple featured Dante & Abby from The Hourglass Door Trilogy by Lisa Mangum. Click here if you missed it.

Now, quiet your grumbling and questions. I know a couple means there are only two people involved but this one’s a special case. If you haven’t read The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan (the last Kane Chronicles), then I suggest you stop reading now.

This is a complicated relationship. As Riordan fans know, at the end of The Serpent’s Shadow, Walt and Anubis merge into one body, allowing Walt to live and Anubis to bypass some rule set by some other Egyptian god.

In all honesty, I was pretty torn between Walt and Anubis. I eventually settled on Walt so the fact that he was dying drove me crazy. But part of me wanted Sadie to be with Anubis. Then Anubis ended up sharing Walt’s body with him.

Sadie won the jackpot. She got both her guys. Riordan built a love triangle and then made it work. As much as a permanent triangle can work at least.

As far as qualities go, I think Walt and Anubis are similar enough that they get along well enough to share the rest their bodies’ life together. Kind of weird, but doable I suppose. Sadie is sarcastic but both Anubis and Walt have the proper qualities to bring her down to earth. I love them both. Plus, Sadie possesses the qualities necessary to deal with two guys at once.

In short, as weird as the whole thing is, Sadie’s, Walt’s, and Anubis’s personalities are the best one’s for this type of thing. They make it work. Honestly, I think Walt and Anubis have their hands full. Sadie is one fiery chick.

What do you think of Walt/Anubis & Sadie? Are they a good match? Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know
in the comments below! Also, remember you can request a Friday Couple and, as
long as I’ve read the book/series they come from*, I’ll feature them as a Friday

*Friday Couple requests are not limited to books I’ve read.
You may request a couple and I will see if I can’t read the novel/series they’re
from. Remember to let me know where your couple originates! 

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2 responses to “Friday Couple: Walt/Anubis & Sadie

  1. For once, (I know…) I AGREE WITH YOU!!! Walt/Anubis were rather similar to me so when Rick pushed them together, I was totally fine with it. Sadie is for freakin kick- ass…. <33

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